Go Tactical Showroom

Go Tactical stands out among our competitors because we offer a better experience for our customers. Like you would expect from the showroom of any luxury brand, our Albuquerque showroom provides a sampling of our inventory; your dedicated concierge helps you find exactly what you need.

Why We Have a Showroom

Go Tactical is dedicated to providing better service to the first responders who serve our communities. To achieve that goal, we work hard to create a relaxing atmosphere and a place where our customers know they are going to be served.

Instead of a dim warehouse where you have to sort through various brands, sizes, colors, etc. of merchandise, our showroom displays apparel and equipment, logically arranged in sections. Your concierge can present options based on your target price point and help you find the right size from our stock in back.

Showroom Layout

Our showroom is arranged to make it easy to find what you need and what you want. We know that most of our customers are coming to us for their duty uniforms, so all uniform shirts and pants are in the center of our showroom. Close by is footwear as well as fitting rooms and our seamstress’ office where alterations are done while you wait. We provide a comfortable waiting area with a coffee bar, comfortable chairs (for little “cadets,” too!) wifi and an entertainment area the entire family can enjoy.

The farther you get from uniform apparel, the farther you get from strictly duty-use items. Our products include tactical equipment for work and/or personal use.

Visit our Albuquerque Showroom

When you need uniforms or equipment, do not settle for the closest or cheapest supplier. Visit Go Tactical for high quality service and products.

First responders in remote areas of New Mexico can shop for many of our items online. Plus, we offer mobile measurements and delivery for agency orders. Please contact us to inquire about mobile concierge service.

Get the service you deserve at Go Tactical. Visit our showroom or browse our products online and contact us for mobile concierge service.

Outfitting America’s First Responders