The equipment first responders carry is as much a part of the uniform as their shirt or pants. As a complete first responder uniform supplier, Go Tactical in Albuquerque, NM carries all the essential (and less-essential) equipment you need.

Invest in the Best Quality Equipment

In the field, the performance of your equipment can make the difference between life and death, so you need the highest quality equipment you can get. Go Tactical has it.

We carry equipment from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Our staff continually receives product training, so they are knowledgeable about every item on our showroom floor. If you want to know what equipment is the best for your application or what makes it better than a comparable item, just ask. We are happy to provide product education to enhance your satisfaction with the product and ensure optimal performance.

Our Equipment Selection

Go Tactical carries everything first responders need for a complete outfit. Our selection of standard and specialty duty equipment includes:equipment Equipment


Standard Equipment Specialty Equipment
Duty belts
Handcuffs and cuff cases
OC spray and spray holsters
Diving equipment
Helmets, lights and kits
Knee pads
Riot gear
Shell jackets
Tactical eyewear


We also carry equipment that offers increased capabilities and/or comfort, such as:

  • Binoculars, rangefinders and night vision
  • Cameras
  • Compasses
  • Folding knives and cases
  • Krill lamps
  • Laptop cases
  • Multi-tools
  • Survival kits
  • Tactical backpacks and bags
  • Tactical electronics
  • And more

Many equipment items are designated military equipment with a NATO Stock Number (NSN).

In-Store and Online Equipment Sales

Equipment at Go Tactical may be purchased by individual or agency pay. Equipment may be returned within seven days in the original packaging with receipt for in-store credit. If you bought your equipment online and returning it to our Albuquerque location is not convenient, please contact us for information about product returns.

Go Tactical carries a wide array of equipment to complete all first responder uniforms. Visit our Albuquerque showroom or shop online.

Outfitting America’s First Responders